Learn to use your intuition in business

You are a sacred creator
made of stardust & ideas

It’s not a secret that the people who plan their lives with passion and energy live the best version of their soul journey. With a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of dedicated practice, anyone can consciously co-create the future they desire.

You can pull the right people, the right guides, and the help you need into your life.

And you can do it now.

Use your intuition to:

  • Build your big sacred business
  • Build your big sacred relationship
  • Build your big sacred dream

The Modern Curio is an experiment in understanding, playing with, and delving into the nature of nature.

Because nature is divine. And there are so many things to explore.

It’s also a place to dabble with new ideas. To be honest, it’s taken a life of it’s own like any decent curio cabinet should, so I’m not 100% where it’s heading. (There’s a whole lot of maybe in this digital curio cabinet, but since the topics are sorta’ giant,  I’m okay with uncertainty here.)

I am sure, nonetheless, that it has shelves dedicated to explorations in spirituality, experiments in energy healing and medicinals, practical work on using your intuition through tarot findings and rune divination, as well as some totally unorthodox goal getting and creative goddess woo-woo. And of course it has a whole lotta’ artsy experimentation of the mystical persuasion.

Yes, I know it’s a little all over the place.

Please allow me this simple indulgence as I build my curio cabinet with all my passions in tow.

The Modern Curio Philosophy (it's worth a click!)

Nature is Divine.

So is creativity.

Open yourself up to that wisdom, and everyday miracles are possible.

The Modern Curio Mission

Life is short. Really short. I’m trying to remain curious and to keep exploring in order to learn and share what I can, in the short time that we are here.

I believe with all my heart that it’s time to bring healer’s voices to the world, and to allow their
unique brands, businesses and special blend of energetic wisdom to shine brightly.

My mission is to help sacred businesses to take root and to thrive. I want the creative goddesses of the world to knock the socks off their businesses and to build prosperous, happy worlds around their lives. More prosperous healers equals more healing.

Of which we need. In spades.

What I do around this place

As an enthusiastic brand guide and web designer , I spend a lot of time with healers and doctors crafting their brands so that they can go out and heal more people.

As a reiki practitioner and acupuncture/ TCM student , I spend a lot of time learning about the body, about herbs and their properties, and about bringing as much balance into my life as I can.

As a gardener, I grow my medicinals and then try to make salves, teas, decoctions and tinctures with the ingredients I sow. I’ve got lot to learn.

As a wannabe astronomer I spend a lot of time looking at the night sky, wondering how many other moons are being looked upon, and what our stars would look like if we were to view them from another place in the universe –

and as a sometimes poet and expert doodler I write a lot of word strings to help me to express my deepest emotions. As the curator of The Modern Curio? I do my very best to remain curious, ask questions, and be open-minded enough to get the best answers I possibly can; while learning, laughing and experiencing.

Hello from the curator:

So happy you found us! I spend my days building wellness companies and
branding for healthcare,and my evenings learning acupuncture and studying herbs.
And – Yes, I’m a little awkward on video, but I’m a work in progress!

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