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The Seven of Wands Meaning in Business

The 7 of wands in career or in your biz is a fiercely determined card.

Keywords: Determination, competition, challenges and perseverance.

The 7 of wands shows a man on the top of a wall or hill, and he is being attacked from below. The people below want what he has.. his success, his wealth, his status or his luck, and they are attacking him to get it. Sometimes this shows up in your life as jealousy from others, fierce competition or challenges, and people who force you to defend your position. Sometimes this means continuing to prove why you are worth it.

Sometimes this proof has to be seen by others, as you stand in your fierceness and continue to evolve your craft – and other times this proof needs to be believed and be felt by you.

The 7 of wands is a great card in business, because it means a certain amount of success has been reached.

And now, it’s all about getting a solid footing in order to maintain what you’ve built and allow it to grow even more. You need to stand strong in your beliefs, your position and your product, and know that you are doing everything you can to let that creative baby of yours just grow and take off! You know how they say that you know that you’ve made it when the haters come out of the woodwork? You may be experiencing some of that today. Stand strong!

7 of wands meaning in business reading
Left: Tarot of the New Vision (copyright Lo Scarabeo) Right: Everyday Witch Tarot (copyright Llewellyn)

The 7 of wands in business is also about agility.
Do you see how he has to stay balanced and sure-footed even though there are those little jabs here and there that try to knock him off?

Being agile enough to turn the corner when you need to is a trait that will help you to grow your biz. (ie: You may need to drop a marketing campaign that’s not working, swap out your landing page that isn’t converting, change your copy when you see it’s not compelling people into action, or try an offline tactic first if what you’ve been putting your effort into isn’t turning a profit.) All of thse smaller things will allow you to stand your ground and keep headed towards your goal!

The message here is to be fiercely determined and to stand up for what you believe… regardless of what you may be hearing or experiencing.

Being quick and nimble enough to jump from wands that aren’t serving you will give you the magic momentum that you need to stand your ground in the face of setbacks.

The 7 of wands in branding reminds you to stay true to your brand. Maybe there are others who have similar branding… or maybe someone has told that you you need to change it up. If you know in your heart that the message is exactly what you want it to be… dig your heels in and give it another go!

Don’t be afraid to let people know exactly where you stand.

In wealth this is often a card that indicates an increase in moolah!

7 of wands in tarot for a business

In my Sightworker’s Tarot deck (available 2018!) you can see that I’ve re-imagined the fending off of people. Instead of a “physical” struggle, I wanted to show how we go about fending off the bad vibes and bad energy of others. With the most literal interpretation of this card, we can bubble ourselves and create an energetic protection against psychic attack and people who are just jealous or negative, and who get into our lives and interrupt our creativity and our flow.

Even before we find ourselves in a place where we have reached a position where we actively need to bubble in order to protect ourselves, we can simply be conscious of our internal worlds.

Some questions to ask when this card comes up in a business reading:

How closely are you monitoring your own state?
Are you leaving the self-care time needed to have the energy to maintain your success?
Are you on the edge of burn-out?
Have you put your copyrights in place, or made it clear that a badass idea was yours?
What do you need to do in order to keep haters at bay? (Or in order to make sure they don’t affect your inner state.)

xo Big love to you!


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