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Have you heard about cymatics? This frontiers-of-science research is totally blowing my mind today. Cymatics looks at the affects that sound vibrations have on matter, and it allows us to see what a certain frequency looks like. Cymatics and sacred geometry together hold amazing potential when it comes to manifestation and the shape of desires, intentions and petitions.

Watch the 4 minute TED talk to see some of the work of today’s cymatics explorers. Here’s the skinny: when sand is placed on a metal plate, and the plate is vibrated with high frequency sounds, the sand jumps around and creates breathtaking geometric patterns… in perfect symmetry and absolute beauty.

As the tone goes up, the sand images shift and sway with the rising vibrations, and they allow us to see what that sound frequency looks like. These patterns echo the fractals that are the base of all life. In sound waves, we can see the sacred geometry that holds the secrets of the nautilus shell, the spiral patterns of fiddleheads, the fibonacci patterns that you find in the middle of a sunflower…. and the spiral galaxies like our own Milkyway.

We accept that energy is a wave with a vibration. The law of attraction teaches us that we can put intention and positive thinking out into the universe and that that same energy will attract like frequencies so that we can manifest our desires.

We also know that the words we choose to use when we are talking with others (and with ourselves!) are important. For centuries spells have been spoken, and tribal petitions to the gods have been chanted. Our words are powerful. Throughout history, we’ve created sounds as a way to manifest.

Today, most people focus on thoughts and feelings in their manifesting process.

By creating a thought-form and sending it out into the universe… we focus on intention and energy waves. Your sound  also has a vibration, right? So why not spend more time focusing on the sound and the patterns that flow through sound waves?

It’s not only the words we speak, it’s also the tones and the frequencies that we use when we speak that could become powerful movers of matter.

Today’s sound healers use tone and vibration to heal the body… and cymatics has the ability to prove that certain frequencies have certain patterns. There’s so much possibility here!

Think about chakra drawings, tibetan mandalas and the sacred geometric patterns in DaVinci’s work. They are supposed to encapsulate some of the blueprints for creation… and all life follows these patterns. From atoms to cells to the mathematical ratios that create crystal structures…  life follows these patterns.

And now we can see that sound does too. It’s fascinating.

We can create our worlds with our energetic intentions and our thoughts.
We can also create the shapes of creation with sound waves.

So imagine how awe-some you will be when you harness your power to create with intention, with energy, with thought-forms and with tone?

You, beautiful being – are a creator, and like me you are on the cusp of something miraculous.
I thank you for being part of my creator family and I look forward to the sacred shapes of sound and tone that we will make together.

xo Chris-Anne

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