Woo-hoo! Beltane faery star freebie for crystal manfesting

Work with the Spring energies of the fae and the 4 elements with this crystal grid download. It’s a simple but powerful tool to help you to focus your intention, use your amplifier crystals and manifest your beautiful tomorrow.

If you need instructions on working with crystal grids, I have a big badass download available on this page.

  • free printable grid to use at home
  • 7 star points for elemental meditation
  • totally aligned with Beltane and fae energies!
  • wind(air)/ sun(fire) / sea (water) / forest (earth) / moon/ spirit / magic


Let's play! Download the Faery Star grid now,
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Intuition-and-other-Magical-Things list.

With practice, crystal grids can help you to:

  • ramp up your ability to work with your fae and air energy

  • focus your intention and your clarity

  • manifest your future by calling in positive change faster


(detailed instructions and grids in free download above)

1. Choose the right place for your grid
2. State your intention
3. Open sacred space
4. Write your intention in the grid’s center
5. Ground your energy & Connect to your grid
6. Place your crystals & visualize your goals
7. Connect the crystals
8. Start the Flow
9. Daily additions : Add your ideas, inspirations and successes
10. For ideas on going deeper download the pdf :)