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Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Pronunciation: Hay-gah-laz
Key concepts: hailstone, freezing, change
English Corresponding Letter: H


Hagalaz is frozen hail, that goes from water to hail and then water again. It is transformation and destruction that leads the way for rebirth when the water thaws. It is crisis or radical change.

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About Hagalaz (Haal, Hagalar, Hagl, Hagalz)

Haglaz is the first rune of the second aett, and it begins a major shift of energy.

Hagalaz literally translates as hail. It is the shock of chaotic change, and the massive transformation that happens afterward the storm.  While hail may sting when it is falling, it will soon turn into water and become what makes the way for new plants and new shoots later.

Study Tip:
I remember the hailstones of hagalaz whipping their way through plants and leaves, and denting the earth beneath them. Chaotic and disruptive for the plant in the moment. But the pockets of water left behind in the dented earth are perfect pools for new seeds, new life, and more resilient plants. 

 Hagalaz is a rune that reminds us that there are some disruptive influences that we have no control over. Third-parties stepping in, inclement weather -things that are happening in other people’s lives. These things can sometimes cross into our lives and force shifts or changes that we don’t choose and that we cannot stop, no matter how much we try to stop them.

Hagalaz is the thick of the storm… a time of challenges and difficulties.

Hagalaz Rune Meaning in Divination

Hagalaz is the destructive forces of nature. It indicates a time of challenges, crisis, sickness, obstacles, surprises, catastrophe, and natural disasters. {How’s that for a list of things that you never wish for?}

Expect disruption and unexpected (unavoidable) delays. It signifies hardships, especially when the runes around Hagalaz in the reading point in the same direction. This rune is often energy that affects us from outside of ourselves. Nature happens.

It is impersonal, natural and for the most part unavoidable at this time. Less often, Haglaz can be pointing to chaotic circumstances that stem from our own subconscious. These will come to fruition in order to be dealt with. Ready or not.

Hagalaz rune meaning in career or work:

Difficulties. Boo.
A promotion may not happen or a sale may not close. The meaning of Hagalaz in prosperity readings points to a time of limitation, turmoil, or delay. When Hagalaz shows up in a prosperity /career related meaning it is often asking the querent to look at what they are pursuing, and to figure out where they are headed. Whenever we are faced with chaotic situations or extreme disruptions, we are forced to grow.

We change in order to survive, and when we do this intentionally we can change our situations in order to flourish and thrive.

Hagalaz is the catalyst for positive growth opportunities. Face the disruption in your life or financial situation head on, with all your determination in tow. What you learn about yourself, and what you are capable of, will help you for the rest of your life. Hagalaz, like hail, is fleeting. Take heart that the sunshine will force away the hail.

{But baby, if you want the sunshine you gotta deal with the rain first.}

At the other side of the storm you’ll catch a glimpse of the rainbow Bifröst bridge. You’ll see new ways of living, new ideas will germinate and the disruptive change will allow for opportunities that you couldn’t imagine in your old way of seeing the world.

Hagalaz rune meaning in love:

Hagalaz signifies a major shifting of energies in your relationship. Often this turmoil points to break-up, a stagnation or block in the relationship leading to massive change.

Just as another person cannot will us into being who they wish us to be, we cannot will another person into doing what we want them to do in a relationship. Hagalaz is the indicator that things are shifting so much that you may feel like your sense of self – your security – your understanding of the way things are may be challenged at this time.

When things beyond our control happen we often feel helpless. You are not helpless here.  Your willpower, your inner light – your sense of right and wrong and everything you have gained so far in your life will be supporting you through the hailstorm.

Chin up, lovely soul! Feet firmly on the ground!
You are powerful, determined and divine. You are being tested and you will come out stronger because of this.

The hallmark outcomes of the Hagalaz hailstorm are freedom, liberation, and a different way of looking at the world. You will create stronger relationships in the future. Haglaz is forcing you to grow beyond your way of thinking and seeing the world.

Sometimes, relationships needs to be put to the test in order to shift into a better balance of being.

Hagalaz can also indicate that a lover or a partner is hiding something.

Working with Hagalaz
Hagalaz can be a protective rune. The monster storm headed your way that you have no control of? Know that hagalaz is there, helping to guide you towards shelter and to aid you come out the other side stronger. You can call on Hagalaz to help you in trying times, and to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It can help us to cultivate patience as things run their course.

Hagalaz Rune Magickal Uses

You can work with Hagalaz to increase your patience and your resilience, to help you to find solace and shelter, and to help you to accept change.




It’s inevitable and often hard for us to accept or to understand. In my experience Hagalaz is a powerful friend in troubling times. It pushes us to accept and react quickly. It helps us to push through the eye of the storm and towards a peaceful day ahead.

Hagalaz has helped me to give into the divine will of the universe. You know those moments when you feel like you are expending your energy and it is getting you all wrapped up in your own little hamster wheel? Those are my Hagalaz moments. I invoke it’s protection and wisdom and use it to intentionally guide myself forwards.

It’s the backbone of your willpower and your final stand – it arises out of the strong dark feminine night and the yin power of releasing, accepting, and letting go. Hagalaz will help you to be like water in order to find the path of least resistance out of a difficult situation.

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