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How are phone and online readings just as powerful as live readings?

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An increasing number of people are already comfortable getting readings over the phone or online via Skype as opposed to the more traditional and personal one, which is face-to-face. Of course, getting a reading over the phone or via Skype has a lot of benefits to you and your reader. First, it is more affordable than to have your psychic come over to your place, which involves transportation and travel time. Second, you may get a reading whenever you are in need of help or whenever you feel like it. You no longer have to drive and get lost finding your favorite tarot card reader in a sketchy part of the town. Third, your reader can save his or her energy to give you a more accurate reading, compared to having him or her go to your place. Fourth, if you are the one who’s travelling, you can save yourself from braving the traffic or a bad weather.

But, with more people accepting that this is the new way readings are done, many still remain doubtful. Which is totally normal as we have this notion that psychics and tarot card readers would need to see you personally to get a glimpse of your future or to be able to read your palms, etc.

People would ask questions such as “Do they really work?” or “How can online or phone readings be as accurate as a personal one?”

This article will address whatever doubts you may have and we hope, that by the end of this article, you can join the others who think and feel that phone and online readings are just as powerful and accurate.

Psychics that can do readings over the phone or via Skype are experienced readers who use different gifts, special techniques, and tools to create a bond with you. Some gifted psychic readers can already get a glimpse of how you are doing just by looking at your profile photo. Some can already make a connection just by hearing and understanding the first words that you tell them over the phone. And the longer the conversation stays on, the stronger vibration and energy it gives the reader to pick up on.

Internet connections and phone wires carry energy just the same, which means gifted psychics and intuitives can reader those energies. Readers no longer have to be in front you to get a good read of you and your situation. Many gifted psychics who can give tarot readings, especially those that can give astrology readings at Kasamba, are well-versed to channel their energy through the medium you are using be it the Internet or the telephone.

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Other Benefits of Getting A Reading Over the Phone

The good thing about getting reading over the phone is that your psychic cannot see how you compose yourself around her or him. This means your body language is unknown to him or him. This way, you can already tell if your psychic reader is legitimate or not. In a personal setting, your psychic will find it easy to judge you based on how you dress, stand, or even open your bag. Doing a telephone reading can be difficult for the reader as it requires other skills and gifts like clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. But a good psychic would not see this as a problem.

A lot of people feel anxious in the presence of an intuitive during a psychic or tarot card reading especially when your reader is someone who would stare at you and would not blink at all. It is not advisable to feel very anxious during a reading as it can cloud your aura and energy and eventually change the message that your psychic or tarot reader receives. It goes without saying then that dialing a psychic’s number while you are in the comfort of your own home will help you keep calm and relaxed.

Getting a reading over the phone eliminates the need to travel. You no longer have to also book an appointment only to miss it due to a really terrible traffic. You can do this anytime you are free from family or work duties as you can squeeze it in to your easily as you would only have to pick up the phone and dial a number.

If you are someone who wishes to stay anonymous, you have the option to not tell your psychic who you really are. While it is best to tell them some nuggets of truth to ensure that they get an accurate reading, you still have your choice not to divulge any information that you think is too much. Just give them a high overview of your situation, and if you are not comfortable giving away detailed information, then don’t. Psychics know when you are hesitant, so it is better to tell them beforehand so they can adjust their methods.

While you may be surrounded by a lot of psychic readers in your town or city, there are places that do not have a single one. And imagine how much hassle you would have to go through if you would drive for two hours for a psychic reading. Telephone readings eliminate boundaries and geographical barriers. This means you can reach psychic and tarot card reader from different countries, be it in India, Canada, Australia, etc. Not only that it gives you access to a lot of choices, but it also gives you an option to look for a specific reader, one that you are looking for. You can go for tarot card reading, empathy, or a medium that can help you connect with a loved one who had already passed on.

The times are changing and we can either adapt or be left behind. Have you recently tried getting a reading over the phone or via Skype? Are you convinced that they are just as accurate and powerful as the traditional one? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to tell us your story in the comments section!

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