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An invitation

An Invitation for your Creative Goddess

Click play on the top left button, and then pause for 10 seconds
to just – ahhhhhhh – breathe – before your invitation begins.

As a creative, I work and play in sacred creative space to grow my own reality, and to help others shape theirs. I build dreams, shape brands and help people launch sacred ideas into space. And then I watch them take form in our physical world and fly.

It’s a beautiful thing!

I fully subscribe to the idea of working with creative energies in their many forms in order to constantly grow the way I think, and to amplify what’s possible when working with the creative spirit.

If you are looking to work with a creative muse of your own, start by invoking a creative muse and inviting them to come out and play.
If you’re not sure how that feels, there’s a poetic invitation for you below.

To see a list of creative deities and to learn more about the goddess energies that you can work with as a co-creator see Goddesses of Creativity

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