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mannaz rune

Mannaz Rune Meaning

Pronunciation: man-az, mah-nawz
Key concepts: humanity and mankind, interconnectedness, social order, the self, intelligence, collective potential, common experience, family, community
English Corresponding Letter: M


Mannaz is the symbol of mankind where each one is interconnected with everyone around even if it isn’t clearly visible. One person is powerful enough to affect whole mankind and has a role in the development of common experiences. Each one of us is also affected by the actions and energies of others around. There are friends and enemies, true and calculated relationships, but what matters is your own energy and the collective potential each of us can enhance or degrade.


About Mannaz (Man / Mann / Madr / Madhr/ Mannar)

Intelligence of one can enhance the intelligence and increase the benefit of the whole community. Mannaz tells about the Self that is strong and powerful, but isn’t alone in the world, the Self with ego living among others – each of us with our own views, talents and thinking, but never fully separated from those around us who influence our personal choices and outcomes.  It is associated with ash, mapple and holly trees, dyer’s madder plant and such powerful Norse gods as Odin, Heimdall and Frigg. It represents the air element, the planetary ruler of Mannaz rune is Jupiter and it is represented by a garnet gemstone.

Mannaz Rune Meaning in Divination

This rune is a symbol of common experience and in divination it points to your social bonds and relationships that are directly affected by your own attitude and the energy you share with others. Harm none, including yourself, love and support those around you, but don’t forget about yourself, and harmonious relationships will be your reality.

Meaning in Career or Prosperity goals:

Mannaz in divination means that you can expect help that will support reaching your goals, so, if it comes, don’t refuse, deny or underestimate it. This help might come as new information or awareness or through cooperation and partnership.

Meaning in Love:

Mannaz reminds that the energy in form of attitude you give to others is coming back to you through others’ attitude to you or “your vibe attracts your tribe”. When you are loving, caring and supportive, honest and benevolent to others, you are allowing yourself to receive the same from others or unlocking the energy of love entering your life. As the rune of mutual support and collective connectedness, it predicts loving relationships and strong bonds based on common experience. It also reminds that if you are in peace within yourself, you can attract those who are in harmony with themselves; it means they are able to create harmonious relationships. Work with yourself, take time for yourself alone and you will be able to build strong, loving relationships.

Meaning in Health:

Mannaz tells that in order to keep and improve your health, you can’t work just on one separate issue without paying attention to the obstacles affecting it. Mind, body and spirit aren’t three separated characteristics of a human being, they don’t have a specific order that values one higher or lower than others – they are constantly interacting and working like one. Try balancing your mind, body and spirit, because emotional, mental and physical issues are all tied together, they affect, multiply, enhance or balance each other. You can’t expect good physical health if you are ignoring the spiritual side of yourself, and you can’t also expect spiritual development ignoring the wellbeing of your physical body and not working with the thoughts in your mind. Holistic approach is highly advised.

Meaning in Spirituality:

The help in your spiritual journey will come, but you can’t attract it simply sitting and waiting for saviors or teachers. Don’t wait your destiny getting fulfilled by help of others, but work on your spiritual development – intention and action is what attracts what is needed to fulfill your destiny. This rune tells that spirituality and inner development doesn’t necessarily ask for being in a group with likeminded people always and everywhere. It suggests that walking your own path and taking time to be alone is the way to strengthen relationship with your own inner-self, get clear thinking and understanding of your own path and it’s ways of interacting with others around you in a manner that gives common benefit and satisfaction.

Mannaz reversed:

In a reverse position Mannaz tells that now isn’t the time to wait for or rely on help from outside. You have to take the responsibility. Try looking into yourself and identity self-delusions that might be holding you back. Reversed Mannaz also warns to pay attention to people you are working with or referred to, because not all who are acting like friends really are friends. Dishonest and half-hearted people might stand on your way.

Mannaz Rune Magickal Uses

If you are taking the responsibility of building strong family bonds and in some level on a mission to make this world a better place for yourself affecting positively others as well, Mannaz is the rune to help you.

You can use this rune to

  • Manifest devotion, collaboration and tolerance
  • Attract “your tribe”
  • Ensure success of holistic healing
  • Balance and harmonize yourself within and with the world around
  • Find the solutions that affect positively or don’t harm your social relations and the future of the development of community and mankind in general
  • Find acceptance of good and bad being able to learn and grow through your experiences

You can work with Mannaz in many different ways:

  • Use it in meditation to balance your mind, body and spirit.
  • Draw this sign on papers describing common plans and goals, to bless the ties between the people involved.
  • Decorate your home or your altar with Mannaz to ensure your family or another social circle is as strong as one and always stays together building each other up.
  • Use it as your talisman to enhance holistic healing and remind yourself to approach every issue holistically.
  • Use this sign to connect with likeminded people and build strong bonds with them.


Balance of mind, body and spirit
Harmonious relationships and balanced personal and common development
Enhancing intelligence
Holistic healing and approach to life
Attracting help for reaching noble goals and acting upon good intentions
Blessings for common goals


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