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The Knights in Tarot

Of all those tricky court cards, the knights have been the royals who eluded me for the longest time.

The knights are action oriented, they deal with passion and enthusiasm, and they are movers and shakers. They have gone further along their path than the pages, so they are also a little more experienced and a little more determined to reach their goals. Their experience can help them out, but it can also be just enough to get them in trouble… where they are sure that they know the answer (sometimes without having all the facts.) They can be extremists.

If you think of knights on a battlefield, you know they are valiant and brave, and that they are determined to see the world around them as they desire to see it.

In a reading they can signify a person in your life, they can bring a message to you, they can represent a situation or a challenge (this is why the court cards are tricky. They shift and change in readings, depending on the question and how they show up.)

When they signify a person, the person will have a significant amount of “male energy.”
I’m not talking gender or sex here – the knight can signify a female or a male person. I’m talking about that masculine energy that is driving, in motion and high speed. YANG instead of YIN. Sun instead of moon. Doing instead of waiting. They will be determined and proactive, and they will help push you towards movement and growth. They are encouraging and they will be the people in your life who boost and energize you.

When the knights visit your reading, here are some questions you can ask:

Knight of Cups:

What (or who) do you find charming? How could you follow their lead, and live life by following your heart, and seeing the world more romantically and poetically? What message would this watery “follow your heart” archetype deliver?

Knight of Wands:

What (or who?) inspires you and sparks your creative imagination? How could you follow their lead and run towards your dream with your passions in tow? How could you imbue your day with enthusiasm and excitement, and what needs to happen to feel inspired? What message would this fire knight tell you about your situation?

Knight of Swords:

What (or who?) thinks logically and strategically, and can communicate ideas easily? How could you learn from this person and their bee-line for success, with their no-matter-what attitude? How could you use their strategic mindset today? And what message would this air knight deliver, regarding your question?

Knight of Pentacles:

What (or who?) has everything dialled in the home-front because of their hard-work and patience? What could you learn from this knight’s sense of commitment and perseverance, and their trust that success will be had? How could you use their responsibility and loyalty and their ability to implement and get-er-done? What message would this earth-element knight deliver?

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