Chris-Anne Donnelly

Curious Explorer. Intuitive Creative. Brand Guide. Acupuncture Student and Happy Co-Creator.

I co-creative. I play. I make. I create. I learn. I yearn. I thrive.

After years of running a successful design business, I have finally taken some time away to build something I’ve always dreamed about building.

I believe that we are in a state of flux and transition right now, and that the world needs more healers and more philosophers and more poets and more creatives to help take us gracefully through our growing pains.

*** The Modern Curio is a healing-education-creativity thing.

A living life to the fullest and embracing every aspect of myself thing.

A deep breath to soothe the nerves before the concert thing. ***

I have been urging clients to live authentically in their businesses for the last 10 years. To jump in and open up and allow the world to meet their authentic selves, because I’ve seen how powerful it can be to be living fully in your truth and doing work that is soul-satisfying. The Modern Curio is a change of pace for me. A shift. A philosophical experiment that is more like a digital doodle pad. I’m okay with who-knows-what-it-will-become.

This month's mood
 Endings of cycles, a solstice chill…

the darkness clouds the light.

A warm cocoon, a creative womb…

and I welcome the richness of night.

Contact info

What I’m most likely up to right now:

  • brand guiding and web designing (day job!)
  • reiki practitioning
  • star gazing
  • symbolism + shapes collecting
  • rune playing
  • poetic activist(ing?)
  • salve compounding
  • medicinal herb growing
  • spiritual delving
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