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Sowelu Rune Meaning

Pronunciation: So-veel-oh
Key concepts: energy, the sun, power
English Corresponding Letter: S


Sowelu / Sowilo is the extreme power of the sun. It is energy, potential – success manifested. It is wholeness, victory, manifested success and happiness. 

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About Sowelu (Sōwilō / Sæwelō / Sowulo /Sigal / Sol)

Sowilo is the rune of the Sun. It symbolizes vital energy and success. It’s a strong and powerful rune that embodies everything good – from good health, great learning potential and victories over evil to fertility, prosperity and good fortune. This rune of wholeness and spiritual awareness offers guidance and protection, and helps to stay focused and dedicated to the right path.


Sowilo is associated with white color and the element of Air. It is the rune of Baldr (or Baldur) – loved, handsome and charismatic god in Norse mythology, who stands for love, light and purity. It also is the sign of the goddess Sól (literally – Sun), that is associated with warmth, healing and joy.

As the rune of the Sun, Sowilo stands for our highest values and connection between the conscious and subconscious mind that leads to spiritual awareness, success and victory. The S-like sign itself depicts this connection between different levels of understanding as the middle line connects the two other lines – one of them symbolizing lower levels of our nature and the other one standing for higher awareness.

Study Tip:
“S” is for the sun. Power, energy, motivation, positive things. ‘Nuff said!

The meaning of Sowilo always suggests positive energies at play…  the raw forces of life flow through Sowilo, protecting and leading everything good to win over evil.

On the other hand, it’s not a sign that suggests that you simply sit back, relax and enjoy your peace. Sowilo is full energy and action. It invites you to look for solutions, inspect the darkest corners of your nature, look your fears squarely in the face and make a move.

Sowelu is energetic action. You are a powerful creator, and you are at the helm of your ship!

Take your fate in your own hands and Sowilo will protect and guide you to victory.

Sowelu Rune Meaning in Divination

The power of the Sun is like a blessing for each action, and the victory and triumph will come if the action is taken. This is the most fortunate rune in any given reading. Sowelu has no reverse, it is always fortunate, successful, sunny and powerful.  It signifies goodness, lively energetic rewards and positive outcomes in your goal.  This rune offers both guidance and protection.

Sowelu rune meaning in love:

Sowilo signifies hope and the renewal of hope, progress and light. You just have to keep your positive energy flowing and take noble actions. It calls for honesty and purity also inviting to develop your independence in relationships to raise your relationships to higher levels.

Sowelu rune meaning in health:

As it embodies the vital, healing energy of the Sun, this rune predicts health, fitness, healing and positive solutions to health issues. You have to keep nurturing and taking care of your health and your will reach positive results.

Sowelu rune meaning in spirituality:

Sowilo signifies self-realization, spiritual awareness and reaching your higher potential.

Sowelu / Sowilo Rune Magickal Uses

This rune is used to vitalize and activate any action, thought or idea. You can use it in meditations to overcome negativity, strengthen yourself, reach your higher spiritual potential and overcome others. It also is used in healing to bring in the vital energy of the Sun.


You can use this rune in your life to

  • Manifest strength and overcome your fears,
  • Attract success, prosperity and victory,
  • Ensure good health and healing,
  • Renew hope,
  • Find guidance, mental clarity and the right direction when you feel lost,
  • Build noble, honest relationships,
  • Deal with the darkest parts of your nature to reach higher spiritual awareness,
  • Turn negative energy into positive and activate dynamic energy flow,
  • Rise higher above others and your own fears, doubts and obstacles that are holding you back.


You can work with Sowilo in many different ways:

  • Use it in meditation, visualizing this symbol and imagining how the energy from Sowilo fills every part of your body.
  • Draw this sign on papers where you are describing your goals, plans or wishes you want to become reality.
  • Decorate your home or your altar with Sowilo.
  • Draw the sign above the entrance of your home to hold back the negative energy entering your home.
  • Wear jewelry, charms or pendants with Sowilo – use it as your talisman.
  • Use this sign for healing – draw it in the air or on the body part that needs healing, imagine the energy of Sowilo spreading into the body that needs healing etc.


Sowelu Governs:

  • Overcoming fears and obstacles on the way to success
  • Reaching higher levels of spiritual awareness and completeness
  • Goal setting, motivation and taking action
  • Healing and manifesting good health
  • Attracting positive energy and joy, turning negative into positive
  • Guidance and protection taking the necessary steps turning plans and ideas into reality
  • Blessings for lifelong goals
  • Victory of good over evil
  • Good fortune, success, victory and prosperity

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