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Exercises and Ideas : How to improve your intuition

The intuition is a marvellous friend-  A constant companion, and the best second opinion you can have. If you ignore it, there’s a pretty giant chance that you will regret it at a later time, and if you learn to hone it, there’s a pretty giant chance that you will be able to easily build the life of your dreams.

You see intuition is more than just a feeling in the gut. When empowered, the intuition has a direct connection to source and to the higher self, and it helps you to get what’s best for you. It wants you to be happy, healthy and wealthy and to live the very best version of your life.

In my books, the intuition is a bestie that needs to be listened to.

Every month I send out simple intuition exercises to The Modern Curio list. If you’d like to get in touch with your intuition, sign up below!

xo Chris-Anne

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