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There are moments when life is magical and there are moments when life is mind-blowing.

Last night a wise woman soul-sister friend of mine sent me a link to an article about the Mandela Effect. I began to settle in for a quantum-filled hour, and I had no idea that the article would spin my world on it’s head. There have been a small handful of times in my life where my understanding of reality shifted, and last night was one of them. And it was pretty instantaneous.

The Mandela effect is a term used when a group of people all mis-remember an event. It happens when a large number of people remember history differently, and in a way that doesn’t match documented history in this reality.

Okay, yes… I did just say in this reality.

Stay with me on this for moment… I had to get past my inner-analytical skeptic here when I read about this too. The effect is named after the fact that many people, all over the world, share the memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison prior to 2013.

The most peculiar and most documented example of this effect is a 1980s children’s book series called the Berenstain Bears. There are a ton of  people… including myself… who have distinct memories of the series being named the Berenstein Bears. With an “e”. I actually rememeber being so proud of remembering the ei because it was different than the standard “i before e” rule. When I see the book cover logo now, its assaults my visual sense- like when you see a word mispelled that looks so wrnog. (yeah, like that.) 

The Mandela Effect claims that we are living in an alternative timeline… that we somehow shifted somewhere between 2012 and 2016 to a different reality. This shift means we have jumped to a different timeline.

Wait. What?

It’s a “glitch in the matrix” sort of thing. And it more than a little hard to digest. At first my brain protested, but when I started to read the memories that people have in common from the old timeline, I definitely had a WTF is going on moment. It felt scary when I started reading – like a sci-fi movie where someone changed something small only to have tiny little repercussions that were all out of place.

One “e” to “a” memory wouldn’t bother me… at all. I could chalk that up to having somehow forgotten my favourite childhood characters. Sex in the City to Sex and the city? I can believe that my memory is wrong because of the way this sounds when I hear it. But I do find it odd that I have a large number of the memories that others have…. that are apparently not from this timeline, but from the old timeline.

When I add to this memory mishap the fact that quantum physicists have recently proven that we can change the past through present events… I suddenly felt like I was living in the twilight zone.

(Future changing the past research can be found here, here, here and here. The wild and wacky world of quantum mechanics.)

Here are a collection of Mandela Effect memories that many people claim to have from our old timeline that we are no longer on.

Make your own judgements about these facts before you flip down to see the answer.

1. Challenger Explosion. Did it happen in 1984 or 1986?
2. The colour chartreuse. What colour is it?
3. The little mean gremlin leader on Gremlins?  Spike or Stripe?
4. Peanut butter from the 80s… Jiffy or Jif?
5. Mother Teresa’s canonization before 2016, in the 90s.
6. Muhammed Ali’s death prior to 2016.
7. How many states are in the United States?
8. Fruit Loops or Froot Loops?
9. The name of the actor who played Superman in the 80s. Christoper ______.
10. “Luke, I am your father.” or “No. I am your father.”
11. Mr. Rodgers’ Neighbourhood song:
 “It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood” or  “It’s a beautiful day in this neighbourhood.”
12. Dilemma or Dilemna?
13. Beam me up, Scotty? Well, this was never uttered on a single Star Trek episode.
14. JC Penny or JC Penney?


1. Challenger exploded in 1986. I remember this as happening in 1984, along with a handful of others.
2. Many people remember this as a reddish-purple hue. I am a graphic designer and have always been a friend of colour. I remember being shocked to find out that chartreuse is actually a bright yellow-green colour and not the cerise-pinky-dark hue I remember.
3. Stripe. My memories are all Spike. My brother and I practiced sayig his name in the little mean gremlin voice. And it was Spike in my memory. Go google it. All documentation says Stripe.
4. If was always Jif. Many people remember Jiffy. We had a different brand in my house, but the JIF logo looks weird to me and I always thought they shortened it at some point. Are they messing this memory up because of Jiffy-pop? Or was it actually Jiffy?
5. Many people remember Mother Teresa (often remembered as Theresa!) becoming a saint long before 2016. Personally, I thought she was canonized in the 90s. I remember hearing the news and thinking – wait… didn’t this already happen?
6. There are many memories of Muhammad Ali’s death much earlier to 2016.
7. Many, many people remember 51 or 52 states. I remember there being 51 and then 52. When in fact… there are only 50. I couldn’t process this when I read it (a brain scientist would call this cognitive dissonance, where you cannot accept the evidence because it goes totally against your memory.) I was shocked to find that all the documentation states that there are only 50 states.
8. Froot Loops. Weird. I only remember the Loops with the 2 cereal OOs. I’m into logos (graphic design geek) and I was sure there were only two cereal ohs in there.
9. Reeve. No S. Mandela Effect memories are Christopher Reeves.
10. No. I am your father.
11. “It’s a beautiful day in this neighbourhood.” What? Wait. Really?
12. Dilemma. Many people remember it spelled with a silent n. I did.
13. I remember hearing this around 2012… and it felt like everyone was learning that for the first time around that time.
14. JC Penney.

Upon reading this all I shook my head… because…how could my memory be so far off? I have distinct memories of being a young girl, and being so proud that I knew how to spell Berenstein. My logical brain jumped in attributed this to the “misinformation effect” – which means reading this the wrong way over the years and then completely re-wiring my memory in my head. That seems more logical than the alternative, right?
Or easier to digest.

Because I’ve read this the wrong way since I was a young girl and I have clear memories… my logical brain refuses to believe that it’s Berenstain. So I experience cognitive dissonance when I read it the current timeline way. I am resistant to the evidence, because it’s so contrary to my beliefs.  Cognitive dissonance is the stress or mental discomfort I experience because the information is so off from my understanding of the truth, my beliefs or my values.

So the mandela effect has me spinning.  The Berenstain natives will never remember things the old way. But the people who have these collective memories of the past are beginning to think about the meaning of shifting realities, and are beginning to experiment with collapsing timelines and working on choosing what happens next.

I’m not sure which camp I’m in… but I do know that on a instinctual level the Mandela Effect feels right to me. And hey, when you think about it from a manifestation point of view it’s pretty exciting! We can shift timelines and change our past?

I’m in! Let’s experiment!

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