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Norse Rune Uruz rune meaning

Uruz Rune Meaning

Pronunciation: Ooo-rooze
Key concepts: strength, determination, vitality
English Corresponding Letter: U


Uruz is the rune of the ox. It’s untamed wild energy and strength, as well as initiation and passage. It often indicates that you have outgrown your current life situation, and that it’s time to make change towards growth.

Uruz strength rune meaning

About Uruz (Ur)

The wild ox (or auroch) of Uruz signifies strength: a strength that comes through determination and tenacity, and pure life force. It is a masculine and creative strength that is unleashed and unharnessed. While the Fehu rune represents domesticated cattle (wealth), the meaning of Uruz has a powerful, undomesticated feel to it and it is more akin to the primal raw energy associated with life force, chi (qi).

Uruz is wildly unpredictable at the worst of times, and this untamed power brings with it the risk of being too powerful to control. When the wild auroch was tamed, however, it was able to transport and move heavy loads. In this sense Uruz can also represent endurance and a wielding powerful energy that  is flexible in nature. This type of strength is stronger than the brute strength of dominance and control, because it’s adaptable. This adaptable nature of strength also play into the meaning of this rune when used in divination.

Uruz Study Tip:
I remember this strength rune as two support beams holding up an incredible weight. One has been pushed down, but it doesn’t collapse. It’s own tenacity holds it up.

Uruz Rune Meaning in Divination

Strength and courage! The auroch does not fear the wolf or the fox – he fears nothing, and he conquers all.  You should find your inner strength when this rune is cast into your spread – you can defeat this and you can win. You can triumph and succeed. Make sure that your vision and your goal is held closer to your heart than your fear.

Meaning in career or in prosperity goals:

Find your strength and determination, and you will succeed. Allow some room for creative unpredictability – you can never know exactly where the brute power of Uruz will lead you, and how your path will change. Even while you keep the end game in mind, allow yourself the freedom to use instinct and passion in your decision making.

Don’t be afraid to push beyond your comfort zone. Take on a project that excites you, but that may feel a little outside of your current abilities. You can handle it, and it will help you grow.

Know that there are new responsibilities and new challenges that you will have to face to reach your goals. Take them on with all your valour and courage; face them head on and with your ox horns held high.

Drawn reversed it can indicate that opportunities are not what they seem.

Uruz rune meaning in love:

Oooh-la-la, Uruz in love is all passion and wildebeast, and young male warriors after winning the hunt.

It is sexuality and virility, and raw primal energy.

As a relationship, it can be the rune of death and rebirth – the cycle of growth. Uruz can mean a change in a relationship, a letting go of the old and allowing the new to take root.

In the reverse it can also signify power and leadership challenges between people. Potential indicator for abuse, or misuse of power.

Uruz reversed

Drawing this rune reversed can mean that some opportunities that seem wonderful are really too good to be true. Let them be.

On the flipside, there may be great opportunities that you are failing to see. You may not be thinking clearly, and ill-health or emotional/mental fatigue or confusion may be affecting the situation.

You may not be able to see your own strength and determination. Find them within, baby. They are there.

Be sure not to overuse your strength of power when this rune is drawn, and to check the balance of power in your relationships with others.

Uruz Rune Magickal Uses

You can work with Uruz for a variety of reasons, although some choose not to use Uruz magically because of how powerful and unpredictable it can be. Ways to work with Uruz are:

  • to increase your sexual potency and energy or fertility
  • to increase your willpower and inner strength
  • to protect your home and your personal territory

As with all magical symbols, there are numerous ways to add this rune to your daily practice. It can be worn as a talisman,  used as an altar decoration, in the air as a symbol for healing rituals, or drawn on a variety of items (candles, papers that are to be burned, etc.)

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