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Winter Solstice and Creativity

During winter solstice we celebrate the birth of a new solar year, and it’s during this longest night of the year that we also celebrate the moment when the light begins to return to our lives. Winter solstice is as much as about light as it is about darkness; they are mirrors of each other and need one another to exist.

From today until the Summer Solstice in June, we are gifted an extra minute or two of daylight… every single day. And I really can’t think of a more beautiful gift as we honour the return of the sun.

The winter solstice offers the opportunity to feel into the stillness of winter, to dive into the abyss, and to simply be, knowing that this period of darkness is fleeting. What about winter solstice and creativity?

Moments of reflection. 
Ebbs and flows.
Nadirs and zeniths.
Within and without.

For me, winter solstice has always offered a great deal of creative inspiration. When I stop to honour the stillness of the season, and I sink into the darkest day of the year, I find that seeds of hope are always planted and that renewed inspiration always takes shape. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter solstice also falls at the end of the calendar year, so we are also saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new. A great deal of renewal and rebirth energy is swimming around in the collective unconscious right now.

I have never had to push creativity at this time. Shiny new ideas for creative projects always find me around the solstice… when I stop long enough to listen. While it’s far too easy to get caught up in the bustle of the season and forget to slow down, there are ways to tune into this energy:

1) Forcing a pause that isn’t a push by allowing your creative muse to have a nap.
I know this has been a game-changer for me!
I have taken the full month of December off from brainstorming in the past, as a way to help close off old projects and allow the muse the work her magic in the unconscious mind, without my active push.

2) Holding winter solstice ritual
This can be as simple as candle lighting ceremony, to a full-fledged ritual with music and incense and dancing. Do what feels right for you. I often hold a solitary bowl burning ritual at this time of the year, to officially say goodbye to the things that I have left in the past and to say hello to the light that I am welcoming into my new year.

3) Deciding how you will use that minute
It’s a beautiful gift from the Universe to be gifted one additional minute of sunshine each day! How will you use it?

As we welcome the return of the sun, so too do we welcome new opportunities.
As we feel into the seeds of the new year, so too do we welcome growth and expansion.

The brightest lights begin as a tiny spark.
The yin of the season will blossom into the yang of the Summer.
The sparks of the solstice will burst into the flames of creativity for the New Year.

Happy Winter Solstice my loves!



An invitation to invoke your creative muse:

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